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Always FREE SHIPPING to continental US!
Always FREE SHIPPING to continental US!


1) Is the vanity's backsplash included?
Yes, all Lexora vanities with countertops come with free backsplashes. However, due to their brittle nature, they can easily break while in transit. Broken backsplashes cannot be replaced. For this reason, we go to great lengths to ensure they're protected and don't damage while being shipped to you.
2) How do I find a vanity that will fit my bathroom?
Using a measuring tape, measure the width, height, and depth of the space that is available in your bathroom. Once you have determined what size is suitable for your bathroom needs, you can narrow down your options on our site by going to the Vanities tab and clicking on the size(s) that meet your requirements. Once you have chosen your preferred vanity, you will see the vanity’s measurements to determine if the style and specifications meet your needs.
3) What can I use to clean the marble stone top on my vanity?
We recommend using a natural stone polish/cleaner to wipe down the stone. Using a bit of warm water and a non-abrasive sponge, gently wipe down the top in a circular motion. Repeat as needed. Make sure to wipe off any residual water and cleaner.
4) Will moisture in the bathroom cause any damage to the vanity?
Our bathroom vanity sets are all pre-treated to be water-resistant. We use solid rubber and birch wood and E0 grade plywood for our base cabinets and cabinet drawers, rather than using fiberboard, which will eventually absorb moisture and cause the wood to bubble or split. By using higher quality materials, we've helped to minimize any wear and tear that may possibly occur.
5) Do your vanities require any assembly?
Unlike most similar products on the market, our bathroom vanity sets require very minimal assembly. The base cabinets are fully assembled but the top and or sinks must be secured to the cabinet base, along with the faucet and drain.
6) What is Microstone?
Microstone is a combination of both glass and stone. It is white in color and can prove to be very sturdy and reliable. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to care for.
7) Do the countertops for your vanities have pre-drilled faucet holes?
Yes, all the countertops in our vanities have pre-drilled single, double, or triple faucet holes.
8) What are the handles on the vanity made out of?
Depends on the brand and type of vanity, however, most of the handles on our vanities are made out of a brushed zinc alloy.
9) What does the gauge of the stainless steel mean?
The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. Here is the confusing part: the higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. 16 gauge is thicker than 18 gauge. The majority of our product lineup is 16 and 18 gauge. What is the difference you might ask? Besides being thicker steel, our 16 gauge sinks offer increased durability and sound deadening properties as a result of its density.
10) How easy is it to clean my Nantucket stainless steel sink?
Very easy. The best way is with soap and water and to towel dry. For complete information check the care and maintenance section in the "Warranty" tab. 
NEVER USE BLEACH, CHEMICALS, OR ACIDIC CLEANERS. This may cause pitting or discoloration of your sink. Water with a high mineral content may cause spotting or discoloration. 
NEVER USE STEEL WOOL. This may cause scratching or “Surface Rust”.
11) Will my stainless steel sink scratch?
All stainless steel will scratch with use. Overtime those scratches will blend into the sink.
12) Does stainless steel stain?
As they say, stainless is called stain-less, not stain proof. Any of the cleaners mentioned above may stain your stainless steel sink. In the event of staining or to restore the shiny luster of your Nantucket stainless steel sink, we recommend Bar Keepers Friend©. You will notice that your stainless steel sink has a grain. Make sure you always clean in the direction of the grain.
13) What is on the underside of my stainless steel sink?
Nantucket Sinks are sprayed to insulate for water temperature retention. Rubber pads are applied for sound deadening. People who are sensitive to the smell of rubber can remove the rubber pads by filling the sink with very hot water. Allow for the glue to become loose and peel the pad away from the steel. Be aware that this will result in your sink having a different sound quality when the water is flowing and will also diminish its temperature retention.
14) What is 304 Stainless Steel?
Nantucket Sinks are made from 304 stainless steel. To be classified as 304 stainless steel, it must contain 18% Chromium and no less than 8% nickel. What does the chromium and the nickel do you might ask? When chromium mixes with oxygen it forms a chromium oxide bond called the passive layer. When stainless scratches and it will, that layer will quickly bond back over the scratch preventing corrosion. The nickel used in conjunction with chromium adds an additional level of corrosion resistance.
15) Does my fireclay sink need a normal flange or an extended flange?
Our Wellfleet, T-FCFS line, and our FCFS30 and FCFS30B all use a normal flange. All of our other fireclay sinks require an extended flange.
16) How do I clean my sink?
(Daily cleaning) Wash gently with a soft damp cloth. Use soap that is mild and free of anti-bacterial properties that may contain bleach. The original Dawn® soap is a good choice for its neutrality. Apply a small amount of soap to the damp cloth and gently clean the surface. Rinse thoroughly and hand dry. Never use steel wool or a scouring pad or sponge to clean the surface. The use of any cleaners or disinfectants other than mild soap and water will void the warranty.
Please Note! Personal care and everyday use products such as face cleansers, toothpaste, male grooming products, wine, fruit acid, and ketchup can and will alter the finish voiding the warranty. So please rinse thoroughly after exposure to the aforementioned products.
17) Is that rust in my stainless steel sink?
Because Nantucket Sinks are made from 304 Stainless Steel, the sink will not rust. If you do see small rust marks on your sink, it is what is called “Surface Rust”. Surface rust is caused by small iron particles bonding to the sink and rusting. This most often occurs immediately after installation when grinding or polishing tools were used on the solid surface countertop. Small metal splinters might have fallen from the underside of the countertop into the sink and causing the discoloration. Another cause can be from cast iron cookware or non-stainless steel cooking utensils. 
Don’t Panic… it is easily removed with Bar Keepers Friend© or a similar product of your choosing. Never use a rubber or plastic mat on the bottom of the sink. This can result in the iron particles bonding to the sink and causing discoloration. We recommend our sink grids to prevent excessive scratching and to promote proper drainage.
18) Can I finance my order?
Yes, financing is available with Klarna. Click the "See if you're prequalified" link above for more.
19) Can I place an order for an item that is out of stock?
Yes, you can. Simply send us an email at with a link to the item you would like to purchase. Our sales team is available to assist you by placing the order for you. We will notify you of the expected lead time on your item before you place your order and keep your order in our system until the item is back in stock. Once your order has shipped, you will be emailed your tracking details so you can track your order online.
20) Can you notify me when this item is back in stock?
Yes, we can. Simply enter your email address in the "Email Me When Available" box above and we will send you an email whenever the item is back in stock. (The box only appears when an item is out of stock.)
21) How is my vanity being shipped?
The majority of vanities are shipped via LTL truck freight and are set up as a Standard Curbside Delivery. The driver will carefully unload your vanity and deliver it curbside. The carrier will call you prior to you receiving your vanity so they can set up an appointment for delivery. Smaller vanities and smaller items are shipped via small parcel (UPS, FedEx, etc).
22) What do I do if I can't track my shipment?
Send us an email at or call us at 855-765-7797 and we will give you an updated tracking number.
23) When will my shipment arrive?
Depends on whether you're located in the west, east, north, or south of the US. However, most shipments take 1-3 business days to process and ship, and another 5-9 business days to be delivered to your address.
24) Do I need to be there for the delivery?
Yes, someone is required to be available at the appointed time in order for the goods to be delivered to you. A vanity will not be left at the designated delivery address unless someone that is 18-years or older is available to inspect and sign for the shipment.
25) What do I do if my item arrives damaged?
We work hard to ensure items arrive in perfect condition but understand that this isn’t always the case. Make sure that you fully inspect your item before you sign for the delivery. Goods are to be opened and inspected thoroughly. Any damages or scratches on your vanity must be identified on the delivery slip. By signing the delivery slip free and clear, you are thereby acknowledging that the goods were received in perfect condition, and were inspected upon arrival.
Please make sure to report any damages or discrepancies on your shipment within 24 hours of the delivery. Following these steps will ensure that any replacements needed are processed in a timely fashion.
26) How can I request replacement parts?
Our customer service team is here to help and would be more than happy to assist in any way we can. You may contact our support line at 855-765-7797 or e-mail us at for assistance.
27) Do you have a showroom where I can view your products?
No, we don't. Bath and Bath is strictly an online retailing business so we don't have any showrooms or warehouses.
28) Why do I see a label on my shipment that says this product may cause cancer or birth defects?
This label was included in your package as a way for our manufacturer to comply with the California Safe Water Act of 1986; also known as Prop 65. Many products sold in California are required to carry this label. The label is provided to inform customers of the presence of said substances. Those substances may include the nickel and chromium found in stainless steel or other substances used in the production of the various products we offer.
In conclusion, even if the product may be found to contain trace amounts of a Proposition 65 listed substance, it does not mean that this product will cause cancer or birth defects. We are confident all our products are safe and do not pose a danger to the health of our consumers.
29) I do not live in California, why does my product include that label?
Bath and Bath's products are shipped throughout the United States and other parts of the world. It would be very difficult for us to determine which packages would be shipped to consumers residing in the State of California.
30) If you claim that your product is safe why do you still include this label on your products?
The state of California requires that any product that contains any of the 900+ specified substances be labeled. In our case, the exposure to these substances is required to be reported.

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